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What are the advantages of having a Front-Load Washer?

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front loadOne of the first advantages is that Front-load washers do not include an agitator, which for many years top-load washers did however in recent years many top-loading washers are starting to come without.

There are pros and cons to having an agitator. For instance, an agitator lowers washtub capacity allowing you to do less loads at compared to those with the agitator taking up the extra space. Additionally, The agitator can be very rough on some of your delicate clothing or those containing drawstrings, which can get tangled during the wash cycle. In a worst-case scenario, a drawstring or other string type material on clothing can become so tangled that it damages the clothing. On the opposite end of the agitator question, many consumers find that the washing machines with agitators clean better that top loads without it.

The front-load washer design is convenient if you elevate the unit on a pedestal, but if it isn’t on a pedestal drawer, you will be bending down a lot to load and unload your laundry. The top-load washer design is easy to load, but unloading can be a little less convenient because you’re reaching down into the tub to get your laundry out. In the end, it’s purely personal preference since both styles come with pros and cons.

One very important thing to consider when deciding between a front-load or a top-load washer is which style will fit in your laundry room the best. The two styles, generally, are close in width, but they differ quite a bit in height and depth. Additionally, front-load washers can be quite a bit taller than top-load washers if you decide to set it on the optional pedestal drawer. Also, front loaders are stackable giving you flexibility for installation locations.

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