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The biggest error we consistently see in kitchens is clients underestimating the value of proper ventilation.PWC542418

Did you know that the average family of four creates over a GALLON of grease per year? (That’s right picture that milk jug in your refrigerator and imagine it filled with grease.) Without a proper ventilation system in place this grease will get all over your beautiful new cabinets, thus cutting the lifespan of them by up to 50%. Could you imagine building the kitchen of your dreams and having to redo it due to bad ventilation? Seems like a waste of money right? Well it can all be avoided with a simple one time purchase at the time of the renovation. Here are some helpful tips in picking the right unit for your job.

    1. Get the length of the duct run from your contractor (this will help determine how much power is needed)
    2. Get the size of the ductwork that is able to be used (this will determine how powerful of a blower can be specified)
    3. Look at the type of cooking product specified (for example a 36″ 6 burner Thermador Range top w 6 18k btu burners will require much more powerful ventilation than a Thermador 36″ Induction cooktop)
    4. Make sure you take into account the style of food being cooked regularly (Ethnic cooking tends to have far more pungent smells than boiling water for pasta or making a tomato sauce)
    5. The rules of proper regulation state you should have a 3″ overlap on each side of your cooking product. Understand this just isn’t possible in some applications (city apartments) however when you can you should. This will help give the hood the proper “capture area needed” to contain all the smoke and grease as not to have it getting on your cabinets
    6. Make sure you have proper surface coverage from front to back (most important with Professional style cooking product)


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