The New Age of Built-In Beverage Centers

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Most of us are accustomed to the everyday appliances such as our oven and refrigerator so much so that it seems absurd to live without them, but with the ever-progressing technology within the appliance industry there are so many more machines that can maximize the efficiency of your kitchen, and can even save you money in the long run.


One of the additions that are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchens is are built in beverage centers. This may sound like a lavish addition to most traditional homes but when taken into account how much these units are actually utilized on a weekly basis, the benefits can far outweigh the cost and installation of such products. It’s no secret that coffee is one of the most common expenses of our society as a whole, but did you know the average American spends anywhere from $1,500-$3,000 on coffee per year? For a lot of Americans, this expense has become almost as mandatory as gas for our cars, or paying our electric bill.  Not to mention, the time we take out of our weekly schedules to order our favorite beverage before rushing to work or in between appointments when we need a caffeine fix. Investing in a built in coffee maker may seem like a extravagant idea, but it’s actually the most cost effective method of filling up without taking time from your day for that late afternoon “pick me up.”


There are a multitude of brands that sell high quality unites with a variety of different features. Depending on what your personal preference is, you can opt for a built in that makes delicious cappuccinos, or a concentrated espresso maker for serious caffeine lovers. There are even machines that allow you to steam your own milk and allow you to grind your own coffee beans. Think of it as a one stop all in one coffee station! Another great function is that these can be installed virtually anywhere, even the bedroom which makes getting out of bed for a cup of Joe, completely optional.


Another unit for the modern kitchen lover that has been hastily gaining popularity recently is fully functioning “digital wine cellars’.  Among other things, these units moderate temperature, dispense an array of your favorite ones, and even allows you to control the pour volume at which wine is released giving you full automotive control over your appliance.  Surprisingly, most of these models are environmentally friendly and energy efficient so you don’t have to worry about a bigger electric bill with your newly updated storage system.  Utilizing a storage system is especially beneficial if you tend to invest in higher quality wines. Since wine is best served between 60-70 degrees, installing a dispenser in your home is the best way to enjoy the full palette of your wine at the optimal temperature. Condensing wine and coffee storage to a concentrated part of your home also serves as a functional way to eliminate unnecessary clutter and organize bottles and coffee beans in a way that’s both convenient and accessible.

So what’s the drawback? We’ll an average machine will set you back a few thousand dollars with models ranging from the basic standard, to ultra high tech with built in self cleaning systems and machines that can be controlled by your smartphone. You can even set your device to connect to your iTunes making your machine useful for more than just beverages. The price may detour but just consider one year with your built in coffee maker, is enough to cover the price of barista served coffee for years to come.


These units can be installed in a number of ways, giving you the ability to customize fit, structure, and placement of whichever models you choose to invest in. We’ve found the ideal design is to designate one area of your kitchen specifically with your beverage center in mind. Turn it into a one stop station complete with glasses, coffee cups, extra beans, and a wine cork, perfect for a night of entertaining. While it may be true that these pieces aren’t a necessity and more typically geared for the luxury connoisseur, investing in a high quality piece can more than likely save you money in the future and save you a drive to the coffee shop.


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