“Tasty and educational. Friendly and entertaining. Thank you for such a refreshing experience. I will definitely be telling my family and friends to attend.”  –Nyasia


“A delicious meal and lovely people. And now I know how to use my convection oven! Wish I could come again.”  –Jennifer N.


“Wonderful and very educational dinner. Hosts were terrific and chef was so knowledgeable. Helped me with baking information. It was a very pleasurable experience in shopping to delivery to the wonderful cooking class. We had a wonderful experience, and we thank you for it.”


“Presentation was very informative and interesting. Presentation was very professional. I will have to try cooking more on convection now.”


“This was a very informative and delicious evening. We are looking forward to using our new recipes and entertaining for friends and family. Thank you very much.”


“Gunther was excellent. Very informative, very personable. His wife was a complete joy. They were very professional! I am very glad I signed up for this class. Very much worth the time- the experience was priceless. Thank you. –Bryan & Lori Spencer


“Yummy dinner. Very helpful presentation/informative. Loved learning about cooking filet mignon in oven from chef Eric.”


“The explanation of the products and prodct presentation was very well said and sufficient! Everyone was very kind and accommodating, especially with the meals and when we had questions. The sales director was very funny and kept our interest (even our kids)! The chef, chef in training, and hostess were all very kind and worked together to prepare a delicious meal- the best I’ve had in a while. We are stuffed, but the food was so well prepared and definitely worth it. We learned a lot and had a great time! Thank you for a wonderful experience and we hope to enjoy you once again in September to learn more about the great Thermador products that we purchased.” –The Cassino Family


“Very informational! Helpful!! Loved the delicious food- especially the filets!!”


“Such a great service. Very informative. Food was yummy!! Thank you!”


“The food was cooked to perfection and was delicious! I would’ve liked to have learned how each dish was cooked, the way Eric described how the filet was cooked. Also, I would’ve liked to speak about how using different pots & pans on the stoves (Le cruset, Copper pots, griddle pans) woul cook things in different ways. But overall it was a fantastic experience. I know where im coming when its time to buy appliances! Thank You!”


“Thank you so very much. We found it very informative. David was great. Then there was the meal- outstanding! Food was just delicious & with wine. We both cook and bake A lot and we Love all our appliances! Thank you for a lovely evening. We have recommended appliance world to 5 couples and 3 have already purchased from you so far.”


“Great experience! Very much appreciated after the sale. Thanks.”


“Thank you very much for an enjoyable, informative evening. Since our kitchen is relatively new this definitely helped us not to be afraid to try our new oven and cooktop. You were all great. And of course new recipes are great!” –Jean & Bob Nace


“What an amazing experience! Wonderful instructions, Fantastic food. Love Appliance World.” –Casey & Robin Rock


“ Great presentation. We love our Electrolux induction range. Patrick is the best salesman, very accommodating. Gunther is a great chef. Whenever we’ve called if Patrick wasn’t available whoever answered the phone always helped us. Everyone at appliance world that we have come into contact with is very professional and courteous. Thank you!” –Bruce & Diane Madonia


“An informative evening full of great food. It makes the participants much more comfortable with our appliances. It will make us better cooks as well as more efficient.”


“Very informative. The food was very good. I really enjoyed learning about the Electrolux oven of which I had limited knowledge. The program was very light and amusing. Thank you for the program.” –Paul Shipkoskie


“ I really Love it!” –Halina Shipkoskie


“Great dinner experience. Learned more than reading the manual several times.”


“Great class, great information, the chef clearly enjoys what he does and enjoys explaining things. Very much appreciate the class.”


“Thank you for a wonderful class, the information was extremely helpful and the food was great.”


“Excellent food. Very professional. Informative- learned a lot!”


“This was a wonderful experience! I learned a lot of helpful information about my convection oven. Gunther was a great presenter and the food was delicious! I wish I could do this again. Thank you so much!” –Cathy Spinelli


“Very informative. Great food. Gunther was terrific and I love the recipes. Fun Night!”


“Wonderful class! So many great tips were shared and great understanding about the equipment. And the food was amazing. Thank you so much!”


“What a great night out! The chef is extremely knowledgeable about all of the appliances and had a very detailed answer for every question and the food! Everything was delicious and the servings were perfect. We are leaving very full in both information and food.” –Pam F.


“We had a convection oven before but had never used it. Now…!! Really appreciated the course and all of the insights. Enjoyable! Thanks. Really wonderful teacher and class! Thanks very much.” –John MA.


“Wonderful lesson in convection cooking. Looking forward to utilizing the new knowledge I obtained tonight. Food was delish! Thank you.” –David & Melissa V.


“Thank you! Thank you! Very informative especially because im to lazy to read the manual.”


“He was great! So approachable & gave information that was useful for my everyday life. I am a changed woman & will only use convection now. Thank you for hosting the event.” –Jill S.


“Very enjoyable & Delicious.”


“Great class- everything the chef made was delicious. Enjoyed this perk for shopping at Appliance World.” –Pat & Joe Morris


“Thank you for a wonderful evening. The food was delicious, and it was extremely informative. We learned a lot, and are very motivated and inspired to use our new appliances.”


“Outstanding presentation! Loved the way you described the difference between bake/roast options. We are inspired to try your recipes and thoroughly enjoyed your perfectly cooked food! Delicioso! Grazie!”


“Food was great! Presentation was terrific! Chef and assistant (wife) were phenomenal! No foil in convection oven!”


“Very Informative- I cant wait to try out different foods using convection cooking. Food was delicious- Thank you for sharingyour recipes! Great presentation. Thank you for your hospitality.” –Melanie & Jay steineing


“Such an enjoyable evening! Food was absolutely delicious and I cant wait to go home and try my newly learned convection skills! Thank you so much!”


“Very informative class on convection cooking. Cant wait to try out my convection oven. Thank you so much.”


“Informative, delicious, and fun! Thank you so much! You are the best! –Laura & Sarah M.


“Wonderful dinner! Very informative & entertaining. Really appreciate the opportunity to learn and enjoy a great meal. Thank you!”


“A very interesting class, Time well spent. Picked up on several tricks and changes. Will change some dishes from using regular oven to convection. Enjoyed the dishes and will make them.”


“The course was highly informative, instructional, and most importantly fun. The food was amazing as was the instructor. Hearing the ins and outs of convection ovens while watching a master cook away was a memorable experience. This was certainly worth purchasing an oven for.”


“Thank you for the informative Thermador class. We enjoyed learning about our new kitchen while eating delicious food. I appreciate this service you offer and will recommend appliance world to any friend looking to improve their kitchen.” -The Moore’s


“The Thermador cooking class was just great. All the people were helpful and knowledgeable we learned a lot about how to use our new appliances. The food was absolutely delicious as well. We do not have any criticisms. Thanks!”


“Great Class! So informative! So excited for our new appliances! Would love to attend the convection demonstration too.” -Allison & Glen Yaris


“Great class! Ihave been waiting to do this. I purchased here for this reason. I love that it’s more than just a purchase. The customer is really important here. Thank You!”


“It was a wonderful experience at appliance world in demonstrating the usage of a professional product to be creative in your kitchen.”


“Wonderful dinner and food. Learned new things about how to use the products.”

“Dear Colleen & Appliance World – Thank you again for your persistence and help in resolving the issue with our icemaker. It says a lot about you and Appliance World’s commitment to its customers. I will certainly return to A.W. for our nest project!” –Nina D

“Thank you appliance world so much for your help with my stove. It is very much appreciated! Freddy, John & Chris were great! – Cathy

“I just wanted to thank Lauren and appliance world for all of your assistance in obtaining a replacement refrigerator for me. I know it must not have been easy dealing with the bureaucracy of a big corporation. All the doors and drawers line up as they should and it looks great! Thank you again!” –Terri V

“Our entire experience at Appliance World had been great. From the minute we walked in and began with Stuart to the cooking class that was an incredible touch! Stuart, May, Pat & Maria- The Appliance World crew have all been great. P.S. We LOVE the popcorn too!” –The Arkins


“A very pleasurable experience! The food was simply amazing. Thank you for having us!” –Linda & Fred Fishel


‘This was a great workshop. I came with a person who has purchased your products and was over the top impressed and inspired by your presentation! When I am ready to replace my oven, which is soon, I will be sure to visit here again!”


“Thanks for a very informative & fun evening! We are very happy with appliance world & our Thermador products!” –Lisa Guerin


“Thank you for the amazing dinner, the staff is wonderful and very helpful!”


“I think the whole evening and experience with appliance world has been wonderful. I would love if Chef Eric were given the opportunity to share his baking style and instructions more. All was very informative!” – Jean M


“Thanks again for hosting us. We now are utilizing our products so the refresher was really helpful! I need to dive into the steam oven! We have loved every minute of our experience with appliance World.” – Jim & Gayle


“Thank you so much everyone at Appliance World! This was informative and fun! Glad we purchased our appliances with you!”


“Thank you for a fantastic dinner & tutorial. There is nothing better than stuffing your face while sitting in class! Chef Gunter really knows his appliances! Thank you for your services. We will recommend Appliance World to everyone! P.S. There is no one better than Simeon & Julien!” – Beth & Marc H


“Very informative cooking class & great food! Thank you for answering all my questions!!”


“Thank you!! Class was great and food was amazing! Chef was really entertaining and informative! Will certainly be recommending Appliance World to anyone who needs new products!” – Maria A


“Class was very informative and had a casual and warm feel. Chef Gunther gave many helpful tips and real world advice. The best part of the class was the rich, delicious and wonderful tasting food! Thank you Appliance World for offering this class to your customers, it has been very helpful!” –John & Maria


“Everyone at Appliance World has been very nice and welcoming from the start. The Demonstration was very informative. It is very helpful to get the opportunity to ask questions after receiving the kitchen!”


“Loved everything about Appliance World from the start to finish. Food was great Thank you very much!” –Don & Nancy


“Gunter was full of useful insight & really explained convection cooking and all our questions associated with it. The meal was wonderful and I learned a lot of information that I hope to use in the near future. I will be looking forward to dehydration, proof and stove settings!” –Irene & Daniel F


“Appliance World has been more than welcoming throughout the entire process of purchasing our new appliances. The cooking class was such an enjoyable evening filled with great information and great food. Looking forward to the convection class. Appreciated that the speaker even knew which products I owned!”


“Very informative and given us a warm environment. Will definitely recommend Appliance World!”


“Everything has been Fabulous! Not only was the entire meal divine, but also so many great cooking and baking tips were given. Wish I knew about this class a long time ago but now I can’t wait to use the convection feature on our new stove! –Ingid & Pam B


“Gunther was very clear and confident yet a bit intimidating. Sheri was very supportive and friendly. Recipes chosen were delicious. Need to send us the recipes used! Convection oven basics now are much clearer! Thank you!”


“Christina, Thank you for reaching out, my parents are very happy with the parts and the install. Additionally, I would like to thank you for your excellent customer services. You provided timely and helpful advice regarding the freezer and refrigerator repair.  I am a working professional, just like many of your other customers and you understood the importance of communicating with me. You were extremely attentive and listened to all of my concerns with a great deal of patience. You also ensured that I received all the information regarding the service call.  Please accept my gratitude towards you and the company you work for, for their speedy and efficient services. I would especially like to commend you for your professionalism and superlative skills. I would highly recommend Appliance World! Again a big thank you” –Jill


“What a fantastic evening! Thank you so much for such an interesting & educational cooking demonstration. We learned so much about all the buttons and their functions! We appreciate all your hard work, thorough explanations and absolutely delicious dinner!” –Joyce & Michael E.


“Thank you so much Appliance World! The entire process from start to finish was very informative! We loved everything about our kitchen appliance renovation! We will be certainly recommending everyone to you guys!” –Nancy & Don Hurley


“Great Convection Instruction, delicious food was a plus! Personality of the entire staff made the entire experience painless!”


“We absolutely love our appliances! Thank you so much Appliance World for the amazing experience! We learned a lot when we came back for the cooking classes and the food was great! We will definitely be back for our washing machine when it needs replacing!”


“Coming back for demonstration classes was a pleasant surprise after our appliances were delivered. Dinner was delicious and we learned so much about using our appliances. Having other new owners in the class was also great as they bought up related questions that we almost forgot to ask!”


“Everything about Appliance World has been wonderful during our experience. Thank you so much for everything!” = Cogan Group


“Dinner was amazing! We learned many things including convection and how to make the perfect filet mignon. We love our Thermador appliances and have had a wonderful experience working with Appliance World.” Melissa & David V


“Appliance World has been absolutely wonderful throughout the entire shopping experience. They offer great demos and the food at them is incredible! We learned so much. Thank you!”


“What a wonderful experience! Very informative sales people which helped us learn a lot. Cooking class was excellent with delicious food! We enjoyed every minute.” – Robin & Casey U


“This was such a treat! Chef Gunther did an amazing job with the most delicious meal> I just got so many tips and learned a lot about using our convection oven! Not only did I learn about using our oven but I also learned a lot about cleaning the oven which was a plus. The staff was wonderful – so friendly & willing to serve. We appreciated the entire experience! Thank you” –Audrey & Ken P


“Thank you so much! This experience with Appliance World was absolutely wonderful. We had a great time at the cooking class. Food was delicious and the class was very informative. I feel confident that I can now better use my convection oven. I will tell everyone I know how great appliance world is. The service from the day I walked in the door has been amazing!”


“Absolutely loved Chef Gunther and the rest of the Appliance World staff! I learned so much and I am grateful to have made the decision to buy my appliances with Appliance World. Can’t wait to use my convection oven!”


“Chef Gunther and the rest of the Appliance World team are inspiring, fun and informative. The cooking experience in the showroom is an excellent adjunct to the purchase of an oven with convection since most people really don’t understand this function and turns out its very simple to use! Thank you Appliance World!” –Christina


“Great informative class. Lots of wonderful tips were given and even greater questions answered to help me use my new Bosch appliances. It is very important to see the appliances in action and having a delicious meal cooked by Chef Eric was an added treat! Enjoyed every minute of my experience with Appliance World, will highly recommend.” –Paulette & Gerard


“Appliance World has gone well above our expectations when we stepped through their doors the very first time. From picking out the appliances to the fabulous delivery everything was perfect. The cooking class was an added touch that we really enjoyed! Not only was the dinner absolutely fantastic but David explained the controls/usage of the Bosch products so thoroughly. I learned that my appliances have so many features that I now will not be afraid to try! We’re so glad we purchased with Appliance world!” –Joyce Ettinger


“Excellent Staff goes well above any expectations you can expect from a sales team. Cooking class was an added bonus with a great presentation and terrific food.” Todd & Caryn G


“We had a great experience with purchasing our new Wolf range from Appliance World. Neil was our salesman and he was very professional and helpful with answering any of our many questions that we had along the way. The cooking demonstration with Chef Gunther was also a wonderful experience. The food was great and the information was very helpful in teaching us features of our new range. Thank you!”


“Everything about Appliance World has been a pleasure! Tonight’s meal with Chef Ann Marie topped off the entire experience. She taught us so much about our appliances that we can’t wait to get cooking to use the new features! Thank you!”


“Great Presentation and Amazing service! The food was delicious and the tips that we got from the chef are going to be very helpful. Thank you so much Appliance World for arranging this evening!”– Irene & Evil M


“Wonderful staff over at Appliance World. Always raising the bar with each visit! Attended a cooking class, which was nothing short of amazing. Excellent food examples for us to learn the features of the appliances on.”


“This evenings class was wonderful! The chef and the appliance world staff was very informative and answered all of our questions. We were very confortable to ask any questions, no matter how silly, without feeling like it was bothering them in any way.” –Ken & Patti Silver


“Appliance world should be your first choice when purchasing new appliances! The staff is very informative and goes well out of their way to help out! Thank you so much for inviting us to attend the convection cooking class. We felt like royalty and the chef was very charming! The food was amazing and we learned a lot about our new ovens. We look forward to our next purchase with Appliance World!” –Linda & Chuck M


“Fabulous Staff over there at Appliance World. Attended a cooking class and it was great to learn about how to use the oven and burners correctly. Staff was very informative and helpful!”


“Thank you Appliance world for a wonderful shopping experience! The cooking class was very helpful and we enjoyed seeing how each individual appliance works. Everyone was extremely helpful and very nice. Thank you!” –Ed, Jill & Taylor C


“Everything was wonderful! I absolutely love my new appliances! Thermador all the way! Nobody compares to Appliance World. Thank you!” –Randy & Dawn R


“Since we are in the process of deciding which brand to pick it was very helpful of Appliance World to invite us to one of the cooking classes early to help us decide. They were very informative regarding the appliances and we are looking forward to continuing our experience with Appliance World. Highly recommend!”


“Appliance world is the sure way to go! Classes that are offered are so helpful I wish I knew these tricks a long time ago! Thank you!” Ingrid & Ron B


“Very informative and given in a warm environment. Will definitely recommend Appliance World to anyone!”


“Appliance world staff was awesome! The class was an added perk which we gladly took advantage of. The evening was everything we could have hoped for. We learned so much about convection and are looking forward to putting it to good use! Thank you so much Appliance World!” –Maria & Gianni G


“The moment that we walked into Appliance World we knew the experience was going to be more than we had expected. Sales team is very helpful and informative. We even got to attend a cooking class where we learned way more than we expected! Gunter was full of so much information! I cant wait to put what we learned to good use.”


“Very enjoyable experience with Appliance World so far. Classes offered great and helpful information and great food. Looking forward to the convection class!”


“Heartfelt thank you to the entire team at Appliance World! They clearly explained the whole process of our purchase leaving nothing up for surprise! The cooking class was awesome. We can’t wait to use our convection oven with the new recipes form tonight! This offering to your customers is superb customer service. I heard about it from my friends who also participated and I look forward to sharing the experience. Staff was so personable, professional, knowledgeable and shared information generously. All the tips and tricks were great and cant wait to use them on my new stove!”


“Cooking class was an awesome presentation! Staff was entertaining, charming and extremely informative. We learned much about using the convection oven that we were completely unaware of! Absolutely worth the entire experience with Appliance World.” Sharon & Neil F


“We loved the staff at Appliance World. We learned so much and the dinner they served at the class was amazing! Cant wait to use my new oven!” Shel & Darrin B


“Wonderful experience with Appliance World. Staff could not have been more helpful and informative. Thank you so much! –Beth & Arthur S


“Fantastic Customer Service! Staff was unbelievable and the cooking class was great. The information and instruction that I learned regarding my new induction/convection stove was so helpful. Thank you for your patience and for sharing your expertise!” –Fran V


“Staff was very informative and very pleasant. They have a very easy way of explaining all of the new appliances that we purchased. Well worth the time and the cooking class after the delivery was excellent!” Linda & Ed B


“We definitely made the right choice when we went with Appliance World. The entire experience was wonderful and informative. Also the delicious meal and the class was an added bonus!” Tim & Alicia M


“What a wonderful experience, we loved every minute of dealing with Appliance World! Staff was very informative and the food at the cooking class was delicious. I now know why all the cookies I baked at Christmas were cooked unevenly so I cant wait to try again this year!” Desmond & Brenda M


“Thank you for an informative and pleasurable experience. Staff was so great and we look forward to attending our cooking class to learn more about our purchase!– Kelley & Terry W


“ We thoroughly enjoyed the Appliance World experience! From the knowledgeable staff to the excellent display of appliances, everything was so helpful! The class was extremely helpful. The food cooked by chef eric was amazing and the appliance discussion by the staff was impressive and very helpful. We will recommend to anyone!”


“ Appliance world staff was super informative and energetic regarding tips for all the appliances. The classes offered were very helpful and I look forward to using the new recipes and tricks in my own kitchen!  I will continue to recommend appliance world to all my family & friends!” –Irene & Daniel F


“Appliance world has been great and very helpful. We attended a class which was excellent and taught us many features on our appliance we didn’t know about. Cant wait for our next Appliance World Purchase!”

“Entire experience with Appliance World was very professional and couldn’t have been better! Thank you!!” –Erwin & Pauline H


“Demonstration was clean, helpful and entertaining. Staff was great and the atmosphere couldn’t have been more confortable! Thank you!”


“Demonstration was very educational and I learned sooo much! (Being honest – I didn’t read the manual!) This was way more fun and I learned so much, plus the meal was an added bonus! Appliance world is filled with a great staff! Thank you so much.” –Lucille N


“Appliance world has been a lovely and informative experience all together! Every time I come into the store I am greeted by a friendly face and the counter with an offer of a fresh bottle of water!”


Appliance world has made my experience amazing. Great cooking demos which were so informative!” – Danielle


“Thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Appliance World. Cant wait to try the new features with my new range now that I know what they all mean!!” –Tara G


“Thank you for the wonderful experience Appliance World! It was very helpful to have such an informative staff available who are all eager to help. Demo was great and helped me understand the steam oven that I am looking to purchase so much more! Thank you again for helping me finalize my decision!”–Deena A


“The Appliance World Experience has been great – One of a Kind! Never felt pressures and the quality sold itself!”


‘Staff was very informative. Was nice to be able to try out some of the features in the showroom before we made our purchase!

“Thank you Appliance World for being so informative with everything throughout the entire sales process. The cooking demonstrations were especially helpful because it showed us how certain foods were prepared in our products that we purchased. We are extremely happy to have made our purchase with Appliance World.” –Rosanne & Ian M


“Every time we left Appliance World we were sure that we were in great hands. Cooking class gave us excellent tips on the appliances that we purchased. Thank you Appliance World!”


“The entire staff was full of useful insight and really explained all the appliances thoroughly. Learning about convection cooking was especially helpful and I cant wait to use it on my own appliances!”


“Loved everything about Appliance World and the staff! Very informative and warm experience all around!”– Don & Nancy


“Couldn’t have been happier with my experience at Appliance World. Very informative and answered all my questions. Thank you so much!”





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