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Steam Oven:

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Nowadays when browsing for appliances you may see more and more steam ovens on display but you may be wondering what its features are and how you can use it to its capacity in your kitchen. Instead of a double oven in my next home my preference will now be a regular oven and a steam oven for the below reasons: (most secondary ovens are used mostly on holidays or dinner parties, not in the case of the steam oven)


  1. Reheating in a steam oven: I do not like leftovers however I have found when I reheat in a steam oven it maintains the integrity of the food. I spend quite a bit on organic foods and high quality meats, microwaving the next day just heats and dries out the food. The steam oven allows me to put in moisture or maintain a moisture level that serves the food well. I.e. I brine a pork roast for two days and then roast it; cooking it in steam oven keeps it moist as well as reheating it in a steam oven, YUM!


  1. The cavity in a steam oven may seem small but it is big enough to do all your
  2. sides for a dinner party or even Thanksgiving. Prepping and making ahead can not be any easier, just cook in the existing trays, refrigerate, and on the day of the event, reheat thereby giving you time to greet and enjoy time with your guests.
  3. The cost of a steam oven is not inexpensive but when related to what we spend on quality refrigeration for food preservation, a steam oven helps in the preservation of a quality prepared dish and furthering the enjoyment of it. Another factor is because of its size it is heats and cooks faster, concentrating the heat and moisture around the food being prepared.


One model that is very popular with clients and happens to be one of our favorites is the Thermador PSO301M. This oven combines the power of convection and a steam oven to create a product whose performance and flexibility are unmatched. the Steam & Convection Oven provides extraordinary flavor, consistency and excellence. To top it off it’s healthier, too, helping your food hold more of its necessary vitamins and nutrients.


-May Ling Lai

steam oven

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