Seven Ways to Condense Your Kitchen Clutter

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Everyone likes to keep a clean kitchen but unsurprisingly enough, kitchens tend to be the untidiest rooms in the house. There’s a fair amount of work that tends to go into maintain cleanliness, mainly to due to all the cooking that’s done for our families. With a busy schedule, it can be hard at times to simply keep track of a pantry inventory and that can lead to last minute take out for everyone.

Fortunately, there are a few simple “life hacks” to eliminate the guesswork that goes into really maintaining a kitchen.

Magnetize your spice rack – We tend to use spices often in the kitchen, which can lead to a cabinet of cluttered bottles. There’s a simple remedy for this. Attach magnets to the bottom of each bottle and simple attach a magnet board to the wall of your pantry or just stick on your refrigerator. No more risk of spilling or rifling around for that oregano you can’t find.

Buy in bulk – Things like paper goods and boxed goods don’t spoil. Do a bulk shop on the first of every month and designate a closet to excess goods. You won’t have to run around with your hands wet next time you need a paper towel.

Invest in a label maker – Labeling may seem like a tedious task, but how long many times have you found yourself searching for that jar of sauce only to find it right in front of you? Labeling things takes a lot of guesswork out of managing a kitchen. Transfer ingredients like sugar, salt, and flour into larger containers and stick a label on it. It eliminates mess and makes for easy access. There all also some great printable labels online!

Repurpose jars to get a second life– Buying bulk Tupperware usually just results in a drawer full of missing tops and bottoms. Get the most use out of your products and also reduse waste by reusing old coffee cans, glass jars, and anything else you purchase from the supermarket. Stick a handy label on it and you’ll have designated spots for all your favorite foods.

Get rid of the excess – Just like we don’t need a closet full of shoes that we neverĀ  wear, (debatable) collecting muffin tins and baking dishes doesn’t serve much purpose other than taking up closet space. Invest in quality pieces with longevity and maintain them so you can utilize your pans and dishes more frequently.

Make a schedule – It’s easy to get into the pattern of loading the dishwasher every time there’s a few bowls in the sink. The easiest way to simplify your kitchen clean up is to schedule it. Make a list of kitchen responsibilities and set a reminder for them on each day of the week they need to be completed. You’ll no longer have laundry in the back of your mind or forget to take out the garbage.

Managing a kitchen doesn’t have to be a full time responsibility. Often times, a little creativity is the easy solution to condensing bigger jobs into time saving tasks. Use these tips in your own life and watch the clutter disappear!


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