Searching for a refrigerator?

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Here are some helpful and important Tips to consider:

  • Measure how much space you have for a refrigerator. Measure how deep your refrigerator currently sticks out into your kitchen as well as the opening width and opening height. Based on these measurements, we can help research to see what options you have available.
  • Are you considering cabinet depth refrigeration?  That needs to be incorporated into your kitchen design.
  • It is helpful to take a couple of pictures from different angles to answer any
    questions you or your sales consultant may have.


Consider the different styles of refrigerators:

  1.  French door refrigerators- Most common in new kitchens today.  Especially for accommodating large platters in your refrigerator.

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2. Side by side refrigerators- This style refrigerator gives more overall refrigeration space and is better for organization. )

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Frigidaire FPHC2399PF

Frigidaire FPHC2399PFFrigidaire_FPHC2399PF


3. Bottom freezer- Single door refrigerator on top (This is not as common today in new kitchens as it offers one larger refrigerator door instead of the French doors. There are not many of these models available on the market)

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Fisher & Paykel E522BRE2


4. Top freezer refrigerators- These are most common in older kitchens and are great for replacing a same styled refrigerator

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5. Cabinet depth- Sits flush with your cabinetry. This is very common in kitchens because just the doors stick out past the cabinet.  It allows for more space in the kitchen itself as they are not as deep as many older style refrigerators.

Kitchen Aid KFCS22EVMS

Kitchen Aid KFCS22EVMSKitchen Aid_KFCS22EVMSKitchen_Aid KFCS22EVMS

The key is to find the refrigerator that best fits you and your needs.

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