I care about the environment and I’m energy conscious, what is the best washing machine to purchase

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Front loading washers or high efficiency top loaders are best for water and energy conservation.  Not only do they use less water as a rule, using less water means less water to be heated for the laundry, as well as less water going into the cesspool.  Additionally, since they spin at a significantly faster rate than a traditional top loader, there is less residual water in the clothing for the dryer to dry, resulting in even less energy use.

Some advantages to these HE machines are as follows:

Performance: Great at getting clothing clean; usually have more customized settings, which can provide for better cleaning.  Many newer models of HE washers have sensors, enabling the machines to detect the weight of a load so they can run at optimal temperature and water levels.

Less Wear and Tear: Unlike washers with agitators, which actually scrub the soil out of fabric, high-efficiency models toss and tumble through a stream of water to clean the laundry.

Greater Capacity: Due to the removal of the agitator, front-loading washers save space inside allowing for larger loads. Front load machines  can also be stacked with a dryer to save space.

Resource Preservation: Energy Star-rated machines are required to use 30 percent less energy than traditional models, and most high-efficiency washers use 20-66 percent less water.

Shorter Dry Times: Although the wash cycle is longer, the spin cycle removes more water from fabric. This may not be an issue for those line drying in arid climates, but can help for those using the dryer or with more humid climates.

Cost Savings: Although HE machines can cost quite a bit more upfront, they can save money on resources such as energy and water. Keep in mind if using the sanitize cycle on clothing or linens, that this super-hot cycle increases energy use significantly.

-Ryan Hafner

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