HR 1936 DF GD

HR 1936 DF GD 36″ Dual Fuel Range

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The powerful operation of ‘Immer Besser’ puts Miele on the continuous mission for constant development and upgrading. They are frequently looking for out opportunities to add significance, increase productivities and to develop deeper relationships. Advancement is often the result of stable, incremental revolution and considerate developments always yield significant results. Opportunity, however, may command a different and more fundamental course of action. So when it came to the innovative Range, Miele preferred ‘revolution’ over ‘evolution’.

Exploration is the core of any manufacturing development at Miele. Before any Range development commenced, they piloted extensive North American-specific, market research which opened their eyes to the essentials, requirements and annoyances of both the buyers and the retail partners.

It is the specifics that set the Miele Range apart from competitors. Miele puts emphases on providing exact, dependable, decadent cooking results – when it comes to performance, there is no settling for anything but the best. Whether it’s the wireless roast probe offering ‘correct-to-the-minute’ program countdowns, the MasterChef menu including 100 easy-to-use automatic programs or the Moisture plus functionality offering ideal moisture dispersal; extraordinary results are sure to be recognized.


Some key features of this new range are TrueSimmer, Confort Clean Grates, Backlit Precision Knobs & the M Pro Dual Stacked Byrner Sytems. Achieving the perfect temperature and even heat for simmering is easy with the TrueSimmer function. Regardless if you are melting chocolate or thickening a sauce, this feature offers precise results. With the backlit precision knob design feature it is not only a useful visual cue for a burner-in-use, but also a design element that sets Miele apart from the rest of its kind. This safety feature allows you to see if the burner has been turned off when done cooking. The M Pro Dual Stacked Burner System enables all of the burners on a Miele Range to both simmer and sear. Average burners reach up to 19,500 BTUs however the True Simmer burner reaches a maximum of 12,500 BTU which offers a flexible range of exact temperatures for any recipe. Lastly the durable enameled dishwasher-safe ComfortClean Grates make clean-up simpler than ever before! Just place your dishwasher-safe grates in your dishwasher and you’re done!


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HR 1936 DF GD 36″ Dual Fuel Range


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HR 1936 DF GD


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