Why do I need a separate Beverage Center

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A popular alternative to wine coolers are Beverage centers which are more commonly defined as a compact refrigerator.  These are specially designed to hold cans, water bottles and wine bottles vs just wine bottles in a standard wine cooler.


They come in 15″ width or 24″ width. They can be put in any room or outdoors and can be placed as an under counter/built in or freestanding.  Most new models have interior LED lighting and are Energy Star rates.  You can either put your own custom wood door on the front or have a stainless steel front.  Typically these will come with glass doors for easy viewing of what’s inside.

There is a wide range of beverage centers and compact refrigerators and wine cellars to choose from. Some are designed to store all kind of bottles and cans where others may focus on maximizing the amount of room for one specific kind of drink such as cans or wine storage. The prices can range widely on these units from around $100 to over $2000 but differences focus mainly on features, styles and dependability.


Some reasons to bring beverage centers into your home is that they provide extra storage with easy access to beverages, which is especially helpful when you have lots of kids in and out of the kitchen. If you entertain a lot then these are perfect because you don’t have to worry about your beverages taking up space for the food you plan on serving guests. Next it may save some energy since this much smaller refrigerator holding your drinks will be opened more often and requires less re-cooling energy than your main refrigerator does.


One popular model to choose from is True Residential’s TBC-24. With their exclusive balanced refrigeration system you can set the temperature as low as 33° F which will surely keep your drinks icy cold. This exclusive technology also enables rapid cool down of beverages and preserves them at the perfect temperature so they’re ready when you are.

-Christina Hutzel


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